Fight against avoidable blindness

This year, 636 free Second Sight cataract procedures were performed under the OSSA Right to Sight banner. This is a 21% increase over 2018.

The impact of these surgeries goes beyond restored sight and dignity for patients. It filters down to family members and friends who have been caring for the blind or partially sighted individual. Based on a 1 to 6 ratio, 3,816 people benefitted indirectly through surgeries performed this year.

To the doctors who supported the project – thank you, thank you, thank you! Without your willingness to give your expertise and time for free, 636 people would still be living with partial sight.

Thank you to the practice managers and administrative staff who registered patients and coordinated surgeries and paperwork – your involvement and efficiency is truly appreciated.

Huge thanks to the hospitals that provided facilities and nursing staff at no cost – this generous contribution plays an enormous role in the success of the Second Sight project.

And finally, sincere thanks and appreciation to Zeiss, Oculate, Genop and Envision Africa that provided consumables for Eye Care Awareness Week in October and to Alcon for their financial contribution towards the cost of consumables.

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