Dr. Marcel C. Niemandt is an exclusive solo ophthalmology practice in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria.

After opening in June 2013, the practice has grown from strength to strength and we are truly blessed to be able to serve the local and surrounding communities.


The practice is fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment, to be able to diagnose simple as well as complex eye conditions. Surgery is offered primarily at the Intercare day hospital in Hazeldean, and other specialised surgeries are performed at Optimed eye and laser clinic.

The practice is able to offer visual acuity testing and refraction, anterior segment evaluation and photography, tonometry/pachimetry, auto-refraction / keratometry, optical coherence tomography (OCT), fundus fluorescein angiography, fundus auto-fluorescence and

fundus photography.


We are also able to assess and treat diabetic retinopathy and screen / evaluate patients for glaucoma damage and or progression.


Minor surgical procedures can be done in the procedure room at the practice, and major ophthalmological procedures will be booked

for theatre.


The practice is aimed on the treatment of various eye conditions and also refractive eye surgery through LASIK, ReLEx SMILE and

PRK procedures.


Various conditions of patients in various age groups can be diagnosed and treated in Dr. Marcel C. Niemandt’s practice.

These include but is not limited to:

* Cataracts (surgical correction and lens implantation with standard and premium intra-ocular lenses)
* Glaucoma diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment
* Age-related Macular degeneration (“AMD”)
* Laser treatment of diabetic retinal conditions
* Oculoplastic surgery including eyelid procedures, entropion/ectropion repair, ptosis repair and blepharoplasties
* Laser treatments for post-cataract surgery patients
* Refractive laser (LASIK, ReLEx SMILE, PRK) and intra-ocular procedures to correct near/farsightedness

and astigmatism:


The main practice is currently located at Hazeldean outside the Intercare medical and dental centre.

The laser rooms are situated at the Hazeldean medical centre next to the Intercare day hospital where certain

laser procedures are being performed.


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"Namens P.P.K MOOIHAWENS sê ek baie dankie vir Linda Sinden se operasie. Sy praat met lof van julle. Dokter en personeel baie dankie. My gebed vir julle is dat God nie net julle praktyk sal seën nie, maar ook seën en guns op julle persoonlike lewe sal gee."                                                                                                                                   Ivy van Heerden
“Net eers baie baie dankie vir wat julle vir die ouer mense gedoen het. 

Dr. is so 'n wonderlike en gawe mens saam met sy hele staf. Waar hy so 'n klomp magic mense bymekaar gekry het, sal net julle weet.”


"Baie dankie vir die Katarak Chirugie wat DR Niemandt vir my skoonma gedoen het. Hy het vir haar weer nuwe hoop gegee. Dankie vir haar nuwe "oog". Sy sal hom ewig dankbaar wees vir die wonderlike geleentheid en ervaring. DR Niemandt is fantasties."

Carina van der Schyff

“Ek wil graag my opregte dank teenoor Dr.Niemandt en julle hele span betuig. Dit was voorwaar n voorreg gewees om met my lens vervanning deur julle professionele span gehelp te kon word. Julle vriendelikheid en behulpsaamheid is n riem onder die hart.”

Johann Rust

"Dear Jacaranda, Dr Marcel C. Niemandt  and Intercare, I would just like to thank you for helping my dad today.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am. My dad does now not have to wait till December to find out if he can have it done, its done and he does not have anything to worry about. He can continue working when his eye is healed without worries or financial burden.  No sitting at a government hospital for hours from early in the morning, no file that is lost again or doctor that didn’t show up, its done! Thank you.

I also just have to mention that dealing with Elanie at Dr Niemandt was an absolute pleasure.  I did have to call a few times to confirm details and she was always so patient, helpful and friendly. 

Today my parents were treated with kindness and respect and everyone was very welcoming and very friendly which made this very scary process for my dad a lot easier to go through, thank you so so so  much.

 May God Bless each one of you and your families and thank you for all the good that you do each and every day, every little bit helps someone in need!"

                                                        Kind Regards

                                                        Michelle Parfett

Portrait of Dr. Marcel C. Niemandt